Welcome to our video library.  If you want to contribute some, send them (or links to them) to [email protected].

We have a lot of videos welcoming you to our site, from our Class Officers, Dean Hyde, Phil Smith, Nancy McIntire,and Renzie Lamb.  Hear why people at the Fall 2018 Mini-Reunion said you should come back.  And several of us made rather spontaneous videos at our Fall 2019 Mini-Reunion saying why we come back.

We also have a trailer from Shock and Awe, about our own John Walcott.

Ours was the first class to have Winter Study for all four years; see what today’s students and faculty have to say about this program.

In April 2020 Gordon Clapp shared Robert Frost’s One Step Backward Taken (ca. 1946) with us while on “retreat” in Vermont.

We also have videos of our Zoom meetings: