This web site is all about our class, the Class of 1971.

That’s the first thing you need to know. The second is that we have a three-part video tour that will show how to get around the website:

Did you leave the video part-way through?   Part II begins at 4:25, and Part III at 8:43.

The third is that our site is live and growing. New content is added regularly, a lot of which comes from you and your classmates. The rest is supplied by your hardworking Williams 71 Web team.

Important: this site is designed to be interactive. That means that you can add your comments to existing content.  A lot of you are already doing this and we hope more of you will join in.  If you’d like to add some new content – an essay, a faculty tribute, a comment on the timeline, a photo or a whole gallery (captions welcome), a video, some music or art…something else – please send it to:

[email protected] 

You must be logged in to read or post  comments; this also means that the outside world can’t see what you share with your classmates.  Your user name and password are the same as the ones you use to access the Williams Alumni Directory; the login page has instructions for retrieving or changing lost passwords.  Your user name is most likely 71fml, where f, m, and l are your first, middle, and last initials.  If you need help finding out your user name, write to [email protected].

What’s here?

    • Photos, lots of them. Emphasis on our days at Williams but many shots of reunions, informal gatherings since graduation. Click here to see the photo section.
    • Tributes to the faculty and coaches who were so important to us. Drafted by you and your classmates. Click here to share memories about classmates; click here  for faculty and staff tributes. Don’t see a tribute to someone who was special to you? Send your thoughts about deceased classmates to Peter Clarke at [email protected], or your thoughts about faculty or staff to Bob Eyre at [email protected], and we’ll add them.
    • Essays and posts reaching from our days at Williams through life in the years since, with a wide variety of content. For some, this may be the core of the site. Click here to view this section.
    • Information about our 50th in June 2021. Click here for that.
    • Giving to Williams. Major goals for our 50th include funding our Summer Research, Careers in Public Service, and Student Scholarship programs. There are many ways to contribute; click here to learn more.

Of course the best way to find out what’s there is just to browse the entire site. You’ll also find reports on upcoming and past class gatherings and events, a timeline that chronicles the tumultuous sequence of events between 1967 and 1971, links to latest news from Williams, including sports results, instructions for connecting with classmates. And more.

How to:

    • Add new content:  Whether it’s an essay, a photo — or an album of them — some audio, or remembrances of classmates or faculty, send them to [email protected] and we’ll put it on the site.
    • Comment on existing content:  Most of our content pieces allow comments from classmates.  Just click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the page and add your comment.  Note:  Comments are moderated.  Our goal is to approve comments within 48 hours.  We ask you to follow these guidelines, based on the ones used by Flickr:
      • Play nice
      • Moderate your content
      • Remember the Honor Code:
        • Don’t post or upload anything that isn’t yours, or already in the public domain
      • Remember the children — be civil, watch your language, be thoughtful about photos or videos
      • Only content considered “safe” is appropriate for this site

      If we make minor changes to your material, like fixing typos, we’ll go ahead and post it.  If we think more substantive changes are needed, we’ll ask you to revise, or show you our proposed changes before posting. 

    • Communicate with classmates:  In your profile, select “Messages.”  You can use this function to send a message on this site to a classmate.
    • Find the latest posts and comments: They’re listed in the lower right part of the home page, below the Williams news and sports feeds.
    • Find out what’s going on in Williamstown:  Use the feeds  above the purple cow banner.
    • Update your profile: Click here for instructions.


  • Yes, there’s a lot here! You can use our site map to help you find what you’re looking for. Happy Browsing!