As we approach our 50th Reunion, preparations depend not just on the College, but to a considerable extent on our own efforts.  Thankfully, those efforts yield not only a better experience for all, but also satisfaction and surprises for the volunteers. Imagine the delight in reclaiming old friendships, discovering new ones after all these years, or being inspired by today’s students! 

Here are just a few of the ways you might lend a hand, in as short a time as a few minutes, or in as many hours as you can give:

  • Call a classmate to reconnect – just for fun, to celebrate milestones, or to offer encouragement at a time when the years may be taking their toll.  You can find them in the Williams Alumni Directory, or by using the search feature on this site — here’s how.
  • Go the next step, and encourage attendance at the 50th, or the smaller events leading up to 2021.  Reunion Chair Rob Farnham would love to have help in this outreach; he has contact information ready at hand so you would not even need to consult the Alumni Directory.
  • Lend a few hours of your technology, writing, or editing skills to crews working on the web site or the 50th Reunion Book.  (Google Forms experience could help with our Survey.)  Volunteers will be warmly welcomed; just contact John Chambers at:   [email protected]
  • Just make a contribution to the web site or the Book, whether it’s an essay about your time at Williams, a comment on an event in the 67 – 71 Timeline, or a tribute to a classmate or faculty member.  We’d love to share your photos, too.  You can add some to your profile, or we can add them to an existing photo gallery or create a new one. Videos and music are also welcome.
  • Offer ideas and/or help for the Reunion weekend – an activity you would like to see, or even lead?
  • Not sure exactly what to do, but still willing to think about helping?  Just reach out to Class President Steve Brown  and he will offer a full menu of possibilities.