Our FINAL CLASS ZOOM before Reunion was held on Thursday, July 14 at 5:30PM (EDT).  Here’s the video.


  • Video message from Phil Smith describing 10%ers and how our class was the smartest ever admitted to Williams up to that point.
  • Fun survey with either/or questions about our times including some that may help guide us on the playlist for our Dance Party for Tuesday, August 9th,  including:
    • Beatles or Stones
    • Diana Ross and the Supremes or Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
    • Heatwave or Dancing in the Street
    • Honey Bun – grilled or plain
    • Williams or Sage
    • Four Tops or Temptations
    • Bob Dylan or James Taylor
    • Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins
    • Science Requirement for AmCiv majors: Astronomy or Geology
    • Winter Carnival or Homecoming Weekend
  • Highlights from Class Book to recommend to classmates.