Nick Tortorello has kindly drafted a survey, as he did for our 25th.  It might be fun to look back at those 25-year-old results:

  • In 1996, 18% of survey respondents said they were doctors, and 20% were lawyers.  We had 12% in finance or banking, 10% in education, 8% in “business” and 4% in publishing.  Two percent identified as homemakers, and 1% as volunteers.
  • The large majority (87%) of us were employed full-time, with 4% employed part-time.  No one was retired, but 3% were looking for work, and 2% reported “other” employment status.
  • Most of us (72%) were married, with an additional 11% remarried; 8% were divorced or separated, and 7% had remained single.
  • In terms of religious affiliation, 55% identified as Protestant, 8% each Catholic and Jewish, with 32% having no religious affiliation.
  • Politically, 35% of us were Conservatives, 26% were in the “Middle of the Road”, and 38% Liberals.

The survey will be available online here through February 15th 2020.

A few items before you begin:

  • Please note that all information in this survey will be anonymized by the online survey software. The editors never see any individual responses. Results will be reported to us only in the aggregate. Free-text answers will be de-identified so we won’t know specifically who submitted them. Along these lines, if you want to refer to someone, refer to their role (my sophomore year roommate, my wife) rather than by name.
  • We’d prefer that you take the survey in one sitting — it takes only 15 to 20 minutes — but if you can’t, it will remember where you are and take you back to that point when you return, with this caveat: if start the survey on one device and return to it on a different device, you will be taken to a brand new blank survey and will have to start over. For example, if you start on a desktop computer but come back on a tablet, you won’t see your prior work.
  • There are “Back” and “Forward” arrows at the bottom of each page. Please use these to navigate, rather than your browser’s buttons.

That said, click here to take the survey.