Editor’s Notes:

  • For our 25th Reunion Book, several classmates contributed essays on topics ranging from coeducation to work experience.  Here we have a place to continue and enhance that tradition, to reflect on our Williams experience or life thereafter, to share thoughts on issues from the profound to the humorous.
  • Peter Clarke has offered an example, promises to support any other would-be essayists, and will help to collect our efforts. Please send essays (photos are also welcome, but not required) to: [email protected]


Essays – Reflections from Classmates:

Ethics and Leadership as Essential 21st Century Skills: Reflections on 45 Years of Teaching and Learning, by Peter Clarke, July 17, 2018

One Date – Flipping the Perspective, by Paul Lieberman, September 20, 2018

Turn it Up – Thoughts on the Music of our Lives, by Randy Sengel, June 26, 2019.

Somewhere on Route 6, by W. Homer Sweney, June 26, 2019


Williams Without Borders: Eph Contributions to Healthcare in Africa: presentations at our Mini-Reunion, September 29, 2018:


Essays – Reflections from Faculty:

Getting to Williamstown — reaching the Purple Valley can be an adventure…