We Did It!

Welcome back classmates! Welcome to the Class of '71 50th Reunion Website. Here you'll find all the information relating to the Reunion and the Class of '71.

Photos, videos, and more are at our 50th Reunion Recap.

Join us at our Fall 2024 Mini-Reunion!

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Zoom Webinar
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Advertising:  Where's the Beef?
Tuesday, May 16, 5:30 PM EST
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October 20, 21 -- Mini-Reunion in Williamstown for Post-50th classes.
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Check out this and other ads from the 1886 Gul.  See what life at Williams was like 136 years ago.





In May of 1970, the student body went on strike.



Renzie's Welcome Video

Renzie sat for this video in the summer of 2018, showing his usual generosity by helping us encourage interest in our 50th Reunion. Unfortunately, he will be with us in spirit only; he passed away in mid-November, 2018.  But what a spirit! What memories!

Phil Smith's Welcome Video

Phil wants us back!

Dean McIntire Welcome Video

Dean McIntire wants us back!

Dean Hyde has advice for us

He's updated his first advice to us!

One Step Backward Taken

Gordon Clapp shares some Robert Frost with us.

Winter Study 2020

Several of our classmates reflect on their experiences teaching Winter Study courses in 2020.

About The 50th Reunion

Alumni, partners, and friends from '68 to '71 encourage us to partake of this tradition.

Williams in the Sawyer Era

Mr. Gaudino - the video