There are several ways you can connect with your classmates.  Two of them are located in the “Find a Classmate” menu.

The first of these is a link to the Williams Alumni Directory.  This will typically give you the classmates address and phone number(s).  The other way is to use the “Search” feature.  Want to find out who was in Bryant House?  Touch its picture, or select it from the Residential House menu.  Want to find out who majored in Chemistry?  Click the “Start New Search” button, and select Chemistry from the “Major” menu.  To find chem majors in Bryant house, do both of these steps, without starting a new search in between.  If you want to look someone up by last name, click in the “Last Name” box; typing the first letter of his or her last name will bring you to that part of the alphabet, saving you some scrolling.

Most of the information you see there comes from the Alumni Directory.  If yours is incorrect, go to the Alumni Directory and update it; the change will be reflected here the next day.  For classmates who have listed an email address with Williams, there is a “Send Email” button at the bottom of the page.  Again, if you want to add or change your own email address, update it in the Alumni Directory.  You can edit your current interests and hobbies on your profile page by clicking the “Edit” button.

You can find class officers and folks involved in planning our reunion by selecting “Leaders” from the “Class of ’71” menu, or “Contact” from the “Resources” menu.  Click on a name to get to the profile, and send an email from there.