Nearly half of all Williams students major in science or mathematics.  Williams leads the nation in undergraduate scientific research and regularly sends its graduates to our most prestigious medical schools and research universities.

We now have an opportunity to secure for the next century this commitment to excellence in undergraduate science education.

Student -Faculty summer research projects have become an unofficial “third semester” for Williams science majors. They work for ten weeks and learn critical skills to advance their careers.  The cost per student is approximately $ 4,500.00 for room, board and a stipend.  Currently 85 students are in the program. These costs are unfunded and must be raised again each year.  The program is especially important to support students underrepresented in the sciences and students who may be the first in their families to attend college.

An aggregate class gift of $ 3,200,000 would fully fund in perpetuity this currently unfunded but most vital program.

We ask you support

Mark Ruchman

Michael Rade

John Finnerty

Bruce Lindsey

Robert Eyre

Stuart Selonick

Kennedy Richardson