The 177 attendees at our 50th Reunion included Karen and John Ackroff, Annie and John Ager, Joan and John Barkan, Gene Bauer and Ellen Shortell, Lucia and Sam Beer, Colin Brown, Rod Brown, Sue and Steve Brown, Vicki and Bernie Brush, Cammie and Doug Bryant, John Canfield, Phil Cantelon and Eileen McGuckian, Michael Caruso, Mary and Richard Casden, John Chambers, Gordon Clapp, Jamie and Steve Corkran, Bruce Duncan and Maria Schmidt, Patti and George Ebright, Nancy and Mark Engasser, Stephanie and Rick Ertel, Laura and Geo Estes, Bob Eyre and Katie Eyre ’73, Jay Fahn and Nina Diamond, Rob Farnham, Dave Ferguson, John Finnerty, Betsy Fitzgerald, Laura and Michael Foley, Kathe and Henry Gibb, Tony Goodwin, Posey and Greg Griffin, Linda and Andy Grunwald, Paul Hannan and Cornelia Carey, Marilyn and Don Harrington, Donna and Jim Heekin, Kathy and Dick Hemingway, Shaye Hester, Howard Horn, Bill Hutchison, James Kamihachi, Roger Kaufman, Rives Kistler and Tim Maguigan, Barry Korobkin and Laura Korobkin ’73, Audrey and Dave Kubie, Dick Lamb and Holly Taylor, Philip Lamb, Jorie and Steve Latham, Jim Lavigne and Mary Gavin, Steve Lawson, Heidi and Paul Lieberman, Ann and Edward Lipkin, John MacAllister and Laurel Moranz, Don Macartney, Steve MacAusland and Anita Schell, Anne and Jock MacKinnon, Bruce MacNelly, Sally and Bill Massengale, John McGill, Don Mender, Louise and Paul Miller, Bob Miller and Andree Corroon ’84, Frank Murray, Dave Nelson and Cathy Mihalic, David Newton and Ilene Cooke, Jody and Scott Nycum, Paul Oldshue, Susan and David Olson, Terry and Andrew Osmun,Greg Paxton and Lynne Werner, Mark Pearson, Mike Perry and Kristina Henderson, John Pitcher, Jane and Doug Pickard, David Pomeroy, Eileen and Mike Rade, George Reigeluth, Susan and Kennedy Richardson, Bill Rives, Susan and Henry Rose, Sharon and Mark Ruchman, Kent Rude and Ginny Baran Rude, Arria and Jack Sands, Becky and Steven Saxby, Wally Schlech, Megan and Paul Schneider, Denise and Bob Schwed, Martha and Stuart Selonick, David Sobel and Jennifer Kramer, Jeff Stein, Dolores
and Robert Steinglass, Pat Stone, Bill Strong, Tim Taylor, Nick Tortorello, Sam and Bob Tyler, Jane and Greg Van Schaack, Ellen Josephson Vargyas, Nancy andJohn Walcott, Mort Wasserman, Kathy and Peter Wege, Ned Weihman, and Patricia and Forrest West, Steve and Ann Westly, Judy and Paul Willis, Bill and Jan Wilson, and Janet Zimmerman.