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This web site is for the Class of 1968 of Williams College. Its purpose is to bring forward memories from our collective past, to add to our common experience by adding new information, in particular photos, and to allow exchange between classmates. While the site focuses on our upcoming 50th Reunion in June 2018, it is intended to serve in the long term as a permanent gathering place for our tribe.

The site is designed and maintained by the Williams 68 Web Team: Alexander Caskey (webmaster), Bob Cricenti (timeline specialist), Ken Jackson (faculty tributes, captionist), with additional (significant) editorial contributions by Tom Pierce. We also have a dedicated team of historians contributing to the site: Bob Heiss and John Dirlam, with Bob taking an additional responsibility as Co-Editor of the site. We are likewise indebted to Tod Hamachek for lending his considerable talents as a photographer to these pages. Lloyd Thomas, joining us for the final laps, has done a lot of a little bit of everything, including rolling up his sleeves learning about the technical underpinnings of the site.

We also enjoyed working with Paul Neely and his classbook team, a process which led to creative plans about how to mesh classbook and web site functions and goals.

Additional thanks go to: Mark Robertson, Director of the 50th Reunion Program, Chris Robare, Associate Director of the 50th Reunion Program; Katie Nash, College Archivist & Special Collections Librarian (alas since departed to the University of Wisconsin Madison); Darlene Alderman, 50th Reunion Program Assistant. For their past help, we thank: Linda Hall, Archivist (retired as of August 2015); Mike Reopell, AIS Director; Carl Strolle, Director of Web Strategy; and Teresa Waryjasz, Production Manager.



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As with comments, we hope you will take advantage of this capability. It’s a great way to start dialogues and exchange genteel rejoinders.

Finding a classmate

The College alumni web site maintains a passworded list of contact information for all graduates.  To gain access to those pages, follow the sequence of steps outlined here.

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Reading 1968 Class Notes online (2013 onward only)

Starting in 2013, all Class Notes (and photos) submitted to the Alumni Magazine are stored online. Instructions for finding them can be found here.